Hi, I’m Julie

I’m a San Francisco based designer and researcher with a masters degree in HCI + Design from the University of Washington.

I develop ideas through human-centered and data-driven research, iterative prototyping, collaboration, and clean visual design. With my background in fine art and teaching, I encourage expansive thinking and never run out of weird ideas to try.

I think a lot about digital privacy issues, civic engagement, and speculative design. I believe its imperative that designers contribute to technology that respects and protects individuals and communities and I’m always looking for like-minded folks to work with. I’m currently spending my days at Code for America.



My Approach

model of research driven design


I like calling myself a research-driven designer because I use qualitative and people-centered research methods to inspire and validate design.

Analyzing research and mapping real experiences helps clarify what is happening ‘out there’, communicate it to my team and stakeholders, toss around ideas, and create principles that inform design.

As soon as I make something, be it paper, browser-based, or a functioning prototype, I get feedback from real people to build on my prior research, test and validate my assumptions, and inform my next iteration.

I also actively follow ethnographic research and speculative design communities to inform my work with the latest methods and push myself creatively.



Though every project is different, this model shows stages of a common iterative and human-centered design process. Findings from research flow through the stages, while feedback from design and evaluation causes subsequent analysis to happen.


design process model


Be social!

I’m always seeking collaborators and interesting projects. You can find me at the links below or email me through the following form.


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Portrait by Sarah O’Connor