Hi, I’m Julie.

I’m working to make products and services better for underserved Americans.

I’m a San Francisco based designer currently working in civic design.

With my background in fine art and teaching, and a masters degree in HCI + Design from the University of Washington, I encourage broad thinking and exploration of the complex socio-technical systems we live in.

I think a lot about privacy issues, activism, and accessibility and I believe its imperative that designers contribute to a world that honors and respects people, whether they use technology or not.

I’m currently spending my time at Code for America where I’m working on criminal justice issues as well as access to public assistance like food stamps and medicaid. Previously, I’ve worked for Dubberly Design Office and before that, freelanced for bay area arts and human-rights non profits.



My Approach


There’s no better way to understand how people interact with products or services than going out and seeing them in action. As a favorite professor of mine would say, “If you want to know about the thing, DO THE THING!” I think the best designers are research-driven. I use qualitative and people-centered research methods to discover patterns, motivations and then later, validate my designs.

Mapping real, found experiences helps clarify what is happening ‘out there’, communicate it to my team and our clients or stakeholders, and helps us collaborate on better ideas.

Creating prototypes furthers this research driven approach, allowing me to seek feedback as soon as possible. Through prototypes I can build on prior research, validate assumptions, and inform the next iteration.

Finally, the product or service must value the user’s time and communicate the right tone, therefore the solution must be designed with clarity and even beauty in mind.



design process model


Though every project is different, this model shows stages of a common iterative and human-centered design process. Findings from research flow through the stages, while feedback from design and evaluation causes subsequent analysis to happen.



Get in touch!

I’m always seeking collaborators and interesting projects. You can find me at the links below or email me through the following form.


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